• Annie Zhou

Piano Journal on CMC

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

by: Annie Zhou

August 6, 2006, Age 7

On June 30, 2006 I went to CMC National Final. It was at Rimouski, Quebec. My whole family came with me!​

Later, on June 25/26, Cissy (my sister) went home because she already finished CMC. I went home on the same day I finished competing, so we didn't see the results. On July 9, we saw the scholarship. On August 1, Joe (my daddy) called CMC and someone said I got 96 and my sister got 93, but my dad says they might be wrong so I still have to wait. It's so hard to be patient but I have to be patient, I just have to be patient. P.S. I am still waiting.

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